Features Appendix

a forgotten underground catacomb0L
an empty underground catacomb0L
a ruined city0L
a deserted city0L
a small shrine to an unknown deity0L
a temple to an unknown deity0L
a lair of some large creature0L
an empty lair0L
a tall white obelisk0L
a dark and foreboding crypt0L
a battlefield0L
a battlefield (looted)0L
a circle of large stones0L
a burial mound0L
a burial mound (looted)0L
a graveyard0L
a tar pit1L
an oil well1L
a steaming spring of hot water0L
a bubbling lava spring0L
an orc village1L
a dwarfen stronghold1L
an elfen stronghold1L
a small bustling town1L
a sprawling city2L
a silver vein1L
a gold vein2L
fishing grounds1S
a luscious unexplored island0S
a barren unexplored island0S
an explored island0S