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Player Zemus
Games Played63
Games Won 9
Player Score129 (view scoreboard)
Rank marquis12

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Has played in 1 gameBlooded
Has played in 1 game
Has played in 10 gamesSeasoned
Has played in 10 games
Has won 1 standard gameWarrior
Has won 1 standard game
Has won 1 quest gameAdventurer
Has won 1 quest game
Has won 1 deity gameKnight
Has won 1 deity game

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This player is not currently playing in any games.

Previous Games

ZigZag in game 399 (view leaderboard)
Xiantologenius in game 396 (view leaderboard)
Xia in game 394 (view leaderboard)
Pies in game 391 (view leaderboard)
Xianite in game 390 (view leaderboard)
Xian in game 389 (view leaderboard)
Xian in game 387 (view leaderboard)
Deix in game 384 (view leaderboard)
Zikal in game 382 (view leaderboard)
Xiantium in game 381 (view leaderboard)
Zian in game 380 (view leaderboard)
NeS in game 377 (view leaderboard)
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Overlords in game 374 (view leaderboard)
Jalapeno Poppers in game 372 (view leaderboard)
Xianites in game 370 (view leaderboard)
Waylate in game 369 (view leaderboard)
Bamslam in game 367 (view leaderboard)
Xianites in game 366 (view leaderboard)
Xianites in game 365 (view leaderboard)
Whirlpool in game 363 (view leaderboard)
Xianites in game 362 (view leaderboard)
Pilentia in game 361 (view leaderboard)
Late Bloomers in game 357 (view leaderboard)
Pilgrims in game 355 (view leaderboard)
Fredoian in game 350 (view leaderboard)
meheecans in game 349 (view leaderboard)
Pollo Loco in game 341 (view leaderboard)
Xianites in game 331 (view leaderboard)
Orctawn in game 330 (view leaderboard)
Xianites in game 326 (view leaderboard)
Xianites in game 324 (view leaderboard)
Xianites in game 321 (view leaderboard)
Sewindla in game 319 (view leaderboard)
Shiminter in game 317 (view leaderboard)
Elcupa Clan in game 313 (view leaderboard)
Xraz in game 309 (view leaderboard)
Xianites in game 307 (view leaderboard)
Xianites in game 304 (view leaderboard)
Xianites in game 301 (view leaderboard)
Xianites in game 298 (view leaderboard)
Vagabonds in game 296 (view leaderboard)
Thrasherites in game 292 (view leaderboard)
Luchirp in game 285 (view leaderboard)
Clakvador in game 281 (view leaderboard)
Celestial Bodies in game 277 (view leaderboard)
Elurian Pirates in game 275 (view leaderboard)
Wookies in game 271 (view leaderboard)
Rolling Thunder in game 269 (view leaderboard)
Damentrilian in game 266 (view leaderboard)
Endor in game 263 (view leaderboard)
Carpet Munchers in game 262 (view leaderboard)
Camel Crushers in game 258 (view leaderboard)
Lords of Mithril in game 257 (view leaderboard)
Crazy Chickens in game 255 (view leaderboard)
Mithrill Saints in game 252 (view leaderboard)
Thunder Gods in game 251 (view leaderboard)
Thunder Gods in game 247 (view leaderboard)
Mithril Saints in game 246 (view leaderboard)
Mithril Saints in game 241 (view leaderboard)
Mithril Saints in game 236 (view leaderboard)
Mithrill Saints in game 231 (view leaderboard)
Deathbringers in game 209 (view leaderboard)
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